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The Liquid


Have a look at our Brands and liquids!

Azaline Vermouth
Ron Aldea
Van Hunks
Azaline Vermouth

The three stages of craftsmanship.

Azaline Vermouth is hand-crafted in small batches by Gabriel Boudier, a family-owned company established in 1874. Surrounded by the vineyards of Burgundy, they use skills & knowledge handed down from generation to generation to create drinks of rare quality.

Stage one - sourcing the finest ingredients

Over 100 years of searching the world for the finest herbs, fruit & spices has enabled Gabriel Boudier to reach even the most remote corners of the world. The result is an unparalleled library of flavours, like the saffron in Azaline Vermouth, sourced from the legendary saffron fields of North-East Persia.

Stage two - the essence of flavour

Capturing the essence of flavour is a skill that only experience can provide. Gabriel Boudier combine tradition with innovation, distillations with infusions, to ensure each herb & spice in Azaline Vermouth retains its fresh natural flavour.

Stage two - the art of blending

Steeped in the heritage of Burgundy wines, Gabriel Boudier have used their knowledge of the local Burgundy grape, Pinot Noir, to create Azaline Vermouth. Young Pinot Noir grapes bursting with fresh red fruit flavours have been blended with herbs & spices leading all along the ancient Silk Road, enriched with saffron & laced with a herbal bitterness.
Ron Aldea

Going back to the roots …

The history relates that François Le Clerc (Pegleg), Francis Drake (The Pirate of the Queen) and other feared seadogs, attacked our island in search of their valuable treasures. Among them, the most precious and coveted: it’s RUM.

Since 1936, the Quevedo family has kept alive the spirit of a century year old tradition, inherited by their Rum Masters. Four generations later, they still perpetuate the spirit that made their name and rums unquestionable symbols of quality.

La Palma is the perfect setting where nature, history, culture, tradition, craftsmanship and quality come together in perfect harmony. Here, our rums rise among the warmth of our people, the aroma of freshly cut sugarcane, the mildness of our climate, the lush greenery of our mountains, the purity of our waters and the inexhaustible breeze of the Atlantic Ocean.

The values: craftsmanship, mastership, family and tradition..

Van Hunks


Turning ordinary moments into adventure

Van Hunks is a captivating drink that delights as much as it surprises - thanks to honey bees feasting on Fynbos wildflowers from the smallest floral kingdom in the world. Unexpectedly dry, its fragrant aromatics and tightly knit bubbles turn even the most ordinary moments into adventure. The only thing better than a glass of Van Hunks is a bottle shared amongst friends.


Notorious for escaping the ordinary, Van Hunks was a man with a spirit of adventure. Pipe packed and drink in hand, he’d stroll through the Fynbos and scale the sandstone mountain cliffs in search of the perfect perch. Often he’d run into unexpected adventures. But on quieter days, he’d simply kick back and relax on the edge of Table Mountain and contemplate the world down below.


Combining traditional mead making processes with innovative proprietary technology, we’re one of only three producers in the world to create bottle fermented mead. Handcrafted on the foothills of Table Mountain, it’s made with indigenous Fynbos honey from wildflower nectar found nowhere else on the planet.

Fynbos is the smallest of only 8 floral kingdoms in the world - quenched in hot summer months by the clouds billowing down from Table Mountain. Locally known as the ‘tablecloth phenomenon,’ legend suggests that Van Hunks had something to do with it.

Truth or tale, we’ll never know.

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